Friday, April 27, 2007

Tips to optimize a website for search engines

Search engine optimization is nothing but design and develop a website in accordance to the requirements of search engines. Don't play your game with Search engines just try to play their game their way. A well optimized site can get good search engine rankings and can drive high traffic to itself.

There are two types of optimization methods;
1. On-page optimization
2. Off-page optimization

On-page optimization basically deals with the design and development of website. The work you do to the pages of website for optimizing it is called on-page optimization.

A well designed website can attract the attention of visitors and search engines.
Content written for the website also plays important role in the optimization of a website. It is said that content is king. The content you have on your website tells your visitors the motive of your website. It should be clear to your visitors what the site is created for. The content must not have duplicate and must have uniqueness.

Off-page optimization is nothing but building links to your website. This links may be one-way links, two-way links (reciprocal links or exchange links), three way links. There are lots of ways to build and get links to your website.

You can do it yourself or may hire the services of a professional Search Engine optimizer.

Search Engine Optimization and Rankings

Someone has created a website for market his online business. Of course this is the way how one can let others know about his business. One creates a website and this websites is supposed to be the image of his/ her business. The Internet is full of websites now. You will find crores of websites for all the fields. Lots of sales sites, service sites, Information sites, educational sites etc.

We are taking a product selling website here as an example to understand Search engine optimization in a well defined manner. Suppose the product is "registry cleaner" and I am the creator and owner to the website realted to sale a product "registry cleaner".

Now I have launched the website that has a product but I am not getting even a single hit in a day to my website. It has become a problem for me to sale my product through the website, however the product is good, works well and absolutely free of charge. I wish to get some traffic to this website and the only thing I can go with is marketing of this website. This is the way visitors will find my site and come to see my product.

Another way is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my website with its targetted keywords or keyphrases.

Search engine optimization has become popular these days as it does not require even a single penny and by following some simple white hat methods you can make your website able to place on the top of Search engine result pages (SERPs).

When visitors search for something on internet they generally take help of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Ask etc. A visitor who is looking for a registry cleaner will type in a keyword or keyphrase in the search box of a search engine and instantly gets a list of webpages that are somehow realated with "registry cleaner". If I would have properly optimize my website with this targetted keyword the first result in this organic search would be my website.

What an easy way to drive targetted traffic to a webpage. You may have thousands of hits and clicks to your website by optimizing it. Visitor visits your website and if he likes the product and services you are offering with the product, this visitor may become a customer.

An easy to understand thing is more visitor more customer more sales more business.

More visitor = More customer = More sales = More business

A properly and well optimize website can make you an overnight billionare. Search Engine Optimization just means Search engine friendly, it doesn't mean you are going to optimize search engines it means you optimize your website according to Search Engines.

I have decided to learn SEO on my own and implement all the white hat methods to the website myself.