Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Use Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your Website.

Use Twitter
I started using Twitter and Facebook to drive some more traffic to my sites and saw amazing results within a few days. Here I want to tell you that Twitter is a micro-blogging service and it allows it's users to write and share what a user want just in 140 characters.

I like this service from Twitter as it seems like you have to put most of the juice of your service or product in few words. At the beginning you may feel some of the inconvenience with Twitter as you are habitual of sharing your thoughts on your blog or website in more and more words, but with this feature you will learn how to say more in few words and that's why Twitter is known as micro-blogging service.

You should use Twitter with creation of your profile at the very first thing, This profile must has an about us type of information and the primary keywords for your business with a link to your website or blog.

Now what you need to do is just find out people from your niche. Twitter has an advanced search option. Like my niche is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and tips and techniques with it. So I search with "seo techniques and tips" and there are number of users on Twitter from the same niche then I started following them and wait for them to follow me back. I used to post various tips and seo techniques on a regular basis. Don't forget to shorten your link url with the help of url shorten service providers. With a shorten url you may write more about what you are twitting.

You are now twitting good stuff that your peers might like. Now you should reply to the conversations that belong to your niche. Make sure that you are not spamming with your replies to the conversations. Your replies must be helpful or informative or can be type of nice questions otherwise keep it in your mind that spammers do not go far with Twitter as others block them immediately.

I don't know how it happen to my site but it is true that twitting on twitter has provided me more visitors and improved my search engine rankings......As I think.

Use Facebook

Facebook is completely different to Twitter, with Facebook you need to create a profile first. Here you can say about yourself with no word limit. You need to introduce yourself on Facebook wisely. Try to put your main keywords in your profile and your links.

Now you are ready with your profile, Facebook allows you to use three tabs at very first like Wall where you share your thought with your friends on your friend list. The second one is Info, this tells others about you. The third one is photos, upload a profile photo from here.

You just look to create a fan page now. A fan page on Facebook is somewhat like a website on Internet. Your fan page must have each and every thing that others will love and become a fan of your fan page. Start sharing nice and informative things with your fan page wall option.

Remember whatever you post on your fan page's wall it will appear on the wall of each fan of your fan page. Be sure that you are not spamming here. Try sending invitation to the people that belong to your field to become a fan of your fan page. One will definitely become a fan of your fan page if you are providing them fine stuff related to your theme.

Don't spam your fans but provide them with nice posts at a high frequency.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to use Tools Effectively for SEO Services

The fellows who are in Internet Marketing Services or offers Search Engine Optimization services certainly look forward to bring more visitors to client site or to some personal site. For doing this effectively one should know how to use these SEO tools to save the time as well as to minimize the efforts they put in getting higher ranks in SERPs.

Why should one use SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization:
  1. These tools perform the function in just few minutes and this is how these tools save our time.
  2. The tools make the optimization more organized and put more efficient outputs.
  3. These tools are created by following certain and proven techniques so they are more reliable.
  4. You can only perform one task at a time but these SEO Tools can perform multitask simultaneously.
  5. You can not go through all the links and data available on the site but they can do so.
An SEO guy generally performs the following things to optimize a site:
  1. Make a research for the most appropriate keywords or keyphrases.
  2. Get the On-page optimization done.
  3. Get the Off-page optimization done generally look for the incoming links from quality sites.
  4. Get the Reports generated, weekly or monthly.
Now we learn here how to automate all these four functions by using good and quality SEO tools.
First of all get the good and appropriate keywords or keyphrases with the help of tools like, Google Adwords External Tool, this tool is from Google and very easy to use. It just ask you to type in a keyword like "SEO Services" and suggest you about the other keyphrases and keywords that are being searched and also tells you that how many times a particular keyword is searched within a month. This tool also allows you to find out the number of searches performed for a particular keyword within your local search area.

The second thing you do is to optimize the webpages. Many terms are there in On-page optimization like Meta tags, alt tags, keyword density in content etc. There are various free seo tool available on internet for meta tag generation but I personally recommend to create the meta tags manually like Title tag, Description tag and Keywords tag. Though the terms like keyword density for a certain keyword on a page can be seen with the help of Keyword Density Checker Tool.
The another work is to check for the duplicate content on the page. Search Engines may penalize you sometimes for the duplicate content on your site. Create some fresh content for your site as search engines love the fresh and informative content. Check the content before making it live on your site.

The third one is Off-page optimization for your site. Off-page optimization is nothing but to have backlinks to your site from other sites. These backlinks will play good role in getting higher search engine position if they are coming from relevant sites and should have your primary keyword into the link text. To submit your website to hundreds of web directories, many tools are out there but it is strongly recommend to submit the site manually as now web directories are using "Verification tool" on the directories to verify that submitter is the genuine human being.
Tools are also available to write tons of articles in minutes but a fresh newly written article attracts more visitors and perhaps people may use your article content on their site too. So take some time and write articles on your own or you may appoint an article writer.
Though you can check the status of backlinks you are getting for your site with using some tools like Backlink Checker.
You can also check the links that your competitor has for his site with Backlink Summary Tool. It is also important to use fine anchor text while taking a link back to your site and the anchor text in your links can be analyzed with Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer.

Now the final term i.e. reporting for site status. Here you include the report for some keywords regarding their position in search engines. GoogleRanking tool is one of the tools that checks the position of a site for a certain keyword in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Some of the tools are free but some are paid too. Other useful SEO tools are WebCeo and IBP. These tools help you saving hours for you that you can put in some other money generating stuff like writing some articles, creating blogs or whatever you want.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tips to get more Traffic on your Website

Everyone out there is who has an online business, is trying to get more and more visitors per day to have more exposure for his/her online business. Here I have a collection of tips that are not new but it really works.

Traffic from Search Engines:
The amount of traffic that you have on your website from search engines is awesome. You just need to design and develop your website search engine friendly and try to have it optimized for some good keyphrases. Keep the content on your website update time to time.

Write and Submit Articles:
Make it your habit to write articles with some good content and there are many article directories out there, submit your article to these directories. Articles with good content and fine information are another way to bring traffic to your website and give you business. Don't forget to put a link there on the article and now it will give a link back to your website. Having more incoming and quality backlinks means your website is getting popular.

Relevant Links:
Incoming links from relevant sites is count as a vote in favor of your website and always been a good way to have targeted traffic.

Start a blog now:
Create a blog today try to have fine content on it. Your blog should be informative and pointing to the solutions to the problems that are general in your niche. Submit your blog to blog directories.

Classified Ads:
A number of classified ad websites are available on the internet. Some of these are free and paid too. Find out some good quality classified ad sites and post your ad on it.

Now your Comments bring you Traffic:
Start commenting on articles, blogs and various post that are written on the theme of your own business like your site is a parenting site and you are leaving comments on post that are related to website designing is not a good thing. Try to comment on post that are relevant with a link to your website.

Social Networking Sites:
Having good traffic from Social Networking sites is not a new concept now but it remain a good resource to bring fine traffic to your site. Some good Social Networking sites are facebook, linkedin, twitter, myspace, hi5, orkut etc.

Traffic from Video Publishers:
If you can create a good video on some services that you offered or on some products of you, create a nice video and publish it on Video Publisher sites like youtube and dailymotion.

Press Release:
Have some fine content that informs about your online business and site and publish it on Press Release sites. This is one of the most common way to have targeted traffic to your site.

Use free gifts to promote your online business and to get good amount of traffic to your site. You can throgh away free gifts like ebooks, free newsletter subscription, free tips etc.

Keep a track Record of your visitors:
Use some services that are available on the internet to keep the track of traffic to your site. Tools like google analytics from Google or use services from site like state counter to know where you are getting traffic from, how your site is searched means with which keywords people are finding you, know about your refferal sites, the region the visitors are coming from, all these things and more can be got on the sites discussed above.

I know these all are not the new methods but these are proven methods to get free traffic on your site. I just know one thing that having more visitors means having more users and it means nothing but more business that's what we all want.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Tips to optimize a website for search engines

Search engine optimization is nothing but design and develop a website in accordance to the requirements of search engines. Don't play your game with Search engines just try to play their game their way. A well optimized site can get good search engine rankings and can drive high traffic to itself.

There are two types of optimization methods;
1. On-page optimization
2. Off-page optimization

On-page optimization basically deals with the design and development of website. The work you do to the pages of website for optimizing it is called on-page optimization.

A well designed website can attract the attention of visitors and search engines.
Content written for the website also plays important role in the optimization of a website. It is said that content is king. The content you have on your website tells your visitors the motive of your website. It should be clear to your visitors what the site is created for. The content must not have duplicate and must have uniqueness.

Off-page optimization is nothing but building links to your website. This links may be one-way links, two-way links (reciprocal links or exchange links), three way links. There are lots of ways to build and get links to your website.

You can do it yourself or may hire the services of a professional Search Engine optimizer.

Search Engine Optimization and Rankings

Someone has created a website for market his online business. Of course this is the way how one can let others know about his business. One creates a website and this websites is supposed to be the image of his/ her business. The Internet is full of websites now. You will find crores of websites for all the fields. Lots of sales sites, service sites, Information sites, educational sites etc.

We are taking a product selling website here as an example to understand Search engine optimization in a well defined manner. Suppose the product is "registry cleaner" and I am the creator and owner to the website realted to sale a product "registry cleaner".

Now I have launched the website that has a product but I am not getting even a single hit in a day to my website. It has become a problem for me to sale my product through the website, however the product is good, works well and absolutely free of charge. I wish to get some traffic to this website and the only thing I can go with is marketing of this website. This is the way visitors will find my site and come to see my product.

Another way is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my website with its targetted keywords or keyphrases.

Search engine optimization has become popular these days as it does not require even a single penny and by following some simple white hat methods you can make your website able to place on the top of Search engine result pages (SERPs).

When visitors search for something on internet they generally take help of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Ask etc. A visitor who is looking for a registry cleaner will type in a keyword or keyphrase in the search box of a search engine and instantly gets a list of webpages that are somehow realated with "registry cleaner". If I would have properly optimize my website with this targetted keyword the first result in this organic search would be my website.

What an easy way to drive targetted traffic to a webpage. You may have thousands of hits and clicks to your website by optimizing it. Visitor visits your website and if he likes the product and services you are offering with the product, this visitor may become a customer.

An easy to understand thing is more visitor more customer more sales more business.

More visitor = More customer = More sales = More business

A properly and well optimize website can make you an overnight billionare. Search Engine Optimization just means Search engine friendly, it doesn't mean you are going to optimize search engines it means you optimize your website according to Search Engines.

I have decided to learn SEO on my own and implement all the white hat methods to the website myself.