Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tips to get more Traffic on your Website

Everyone out there is who has an online business, is trying to get more and more visitors per day to have more exposure for his/her online business. Here I have a collection of tips that are not new but it really works.

Traffic from Search Engines:
The amount of traffic that you have on your website from search engines is awesome. You just need to design and develop your website search engine friendly and try to have it optimized for some good keyphrases. Keep the content on your website update time to time.

Write and Submit Articles:
Make it your habit to write articles with some good content and there are many article directories out there, submit your article to these directories. Articles with good content and fine information are another way to bring traffic to your website and give you business. Don't forget to put a link there on the article and now it will give a link back to your website. Having more incoming and quality backlinks means your website is getting popular.

Relevant Links:
Incoming links from relevant sites is count as a vote in favor of your website and always been a good way to have targeted traffic.

Start a blog now:
Create a blog today try to have fine content on it. Your blog should be informative and pointing to the solutions to the problems that are general in your niche. Submit your blog to blog directories.

Classified Ads:
A number of classified ad websites are available on the internet. Some of these are free and paid too. Find out some good quality classified ad sites and post your ad on it.

Now your Comments bring you Traffic:
Start commenting on articles, blogs and various post that are written on the theme of your own business like your site is a parenting site and you are leaving comments on post that are related to website designing is not a good thing. Try to comment on post that are relevant with a link to your website.

Social Networking Sites:
Having good traffic from Social Networking sites is not a new concept now but it remain a good resource to bring fine traffic to your site. Some good Social Networking sites are facebook, linkedin, twitter, myspace, hi5, orkut etc.

Traffic from Video Publishers:
If you can create a good video on some services that you offered or on some products of you, create a nice video and publish it on Video Publisher sites like youtube and dailymotion.

Press Release:
Have some fine content that informs about your online business and site and publish it on Press Release sites. This is one of the most common way to have targeted traffic to your site.

Use free gifts to promote your online business and to get good amount of traffic to your site. You can throgh away free gifts like ebooks, free newsletter subscription, free tips etc.

Keep a track Record of your visitors:
Use some services that are available on the internet to keep the track of traffic to your site. Tools like google analytics from Google or use services from site like state counter to know where you are getting traffic from, how your site is searched means with which keywords people are finding you, know about your refferal sites, the region the visitors are coming from, all these things and more can be got on the sites discussed above.

I know these all are not the new methods but these are proven methods to get free traffic on your site. I just know one thing that having more visitors means having more users and it means nothing but more business that's what we all want.

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