Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Use Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your Website.

Use Twitter
I started using Twitter and Facebook to drive some more traffic to my sites and saw amazing results within a few days. Here I want to tell you that Twitter is a micro-blogging service and it allows it's users to write and share what a user want just in 140 characters.

I like this service from Twitter as it seems like you have to put most of the juice of your service or product in few words. At the beginning you may feel some of the inconvenience with Twitter as you are habitual of sharing your thoughts on your blog or website in more and more words, but with this feature you will learn how to say more in few words and that's why Twitter is known as micro-blogging service.

You should use Twitter with creation of your profile at the very first thing, This profile must has an about us type of information and the primary keywords for your business with a link to your website or blog.

Now what you need to do is just find out people from your niche. Twitter has an advanced search option. Like my niche is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and tips and techniques with it. So I search with "seo techniques and tips" and there are number of users on Twitter from the same niche then I started following them and wait for them to follow me back. I used to post various tips and seo techniques on a regular basis. Don't forget to shorten your link url with the help of url shorten service providers. With a shorten url you may write more about what you are twitting.

You are now twitting good stuff that your peers might like. Now you should reply to the conversations that belong to your niche. Make sure that you are not spamming with your replies to the conversations. Your replies must be helpful or informative or can be type of nice questions otherwise keep it in your mind that spammers do not go far with Twitter as others block them immediately.

I don't know how it happen to my site but it is true that twitting on twitter has provided me more visitors and improved my search engine rankings......As I think.

Use Facebook

Facebook is completely different to Twitter, with Facebook you need to create a profile first. Here you can say about yourself with no word limit. You need to introduce yourself on Facebook wisely. Try to put your main keywords in your profile and your links.

Now you are ready with your profile, Facebook allows you to use three tabs at very first like Wall where you share your thought with your friends on your friend list. The second one is Info, this tells others about you. The third one is photos, upload a profile photo from here.

You just look to create a fan page now. A fan page on Facebook is somewhat like a website on Internet. Your fan page must have each and every thing that others will love and become a fan of your fan page. Start sharing nice and informative things with your fan page wall option.

Remember whatever you post on your fan page's wall it will appear on the wall of each fan of your fan page. Be sure that you are not spamming here. Try sending invitation to the people that belong to your field to become a fan of your fan page. One will definitely become a fan of your fan page if you are providing them fine stuff related to your theme.

Don't spam your fans but provide them with nice posts at a high frequency.


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Sam said...

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook has really become a necessary tool for SEO because of the wide reach they have. But using them should be done with care because it can actually do harm instead of good if you don't know what you're doing.

LeD'z said...

they're both good SN sites that can hekp you boost the SEO marketing strategies your doing.