Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to use Tools Effectively for SEO Services

The fellows who are in Internet Marketing Services or offers Search Engine Optimization services certainly look forward to bring more visitors to client site or to some personal site. For doing this effectively one should know how to use these SEO tools to save the time as well as to minimize the efforts they put in getting higher ranks in SERPs.

Why should one use SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization:
  1. These tools perform the function in just few minutes and this is how these tools save our time.
  2. The tools make the optimization more organized and put more efficient outputs.
  3. These tools are created by following certain and proven techniques so they are more reliable.
  4. You can only perform one task at a time but these SEO Tools can perform multitask simultaneously.
  5. You can not go through all the links and data available on the site but they can do so.
An SEO guy generally performs the following things to optimize a site:
  1. Make a research for the most appropriate keywords or keyphrases.
  2. Get the On-page optimization done.
  3. Get the Off-page optimization done generally look for the incoming links from quality sites.
  4. Get the Reports generated, weekly or monthly.
Now we learn here how to automate all these four functions by using good and quality SEO tools.
First of all get the good and appropriate keywords or keyphrases with the help of tools like, Google Adwords External Tool, this tool is from Google and very easy to use. It just ask you to type in a keyword like "SEO Services" and suggest you about the other keyphrases and keywords that are being searched and also tells you that how many times a particular keyword is searched within a month. This tool also allows you to find out the number of searches performed for a particular keyword within your local search area.

The second thing you do is to optimize the webpages. Many terms are there in On-page optimization like Meta tags, alt tags, keyword density in content etc. There are various free seo tool available on internet for meta tag generation but I personally recommend to create the meta tags manually like Title tag, Description tag and Keywords tag. Though the terms like keyword density for a certain keyword on a page can be seen with the help of Keyword Density Checker Tool.
The another work is to check for the duplicate content on the page. Search Engines may penalize you sometimes for the duplicate content on your site. Create some fresh content for your site as search engines love the fresh and informative content. Check the content before making it live on your site.

The third one is Off-page optimization for your site. Off-page optimization is nothing but to have backlinks to your site from other sites. These backlinks will play good role in getting higher search engine position if they are coming from relevant sites and should have your primary keyword into the link text. To submit your website to hundreds of web directories, many tools are out there but it is strongly recommend to submit the site manually as now web directories are using "Verification tool" on the directories to verify that submitter is the genuine human being.
Tools are also available to write tons of articles in minutes but a fresh newly written article attracts more visitors and perhaps people may use your article content on their site too. So take some time and write articles on your own or you may appoint an article writer.
Though you can check the status of backlinks you are getting for your site with using some tools like Backlink Checker.
You can also check the links that your competitor has for his site with Backlink Summary Tool. It is also important to use fine anchor text while taking a link back to your site and the anchor text in your links can be analyzed with Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer.

Now the final term i.e. reporting for site status. Here you include the report for some keywords regarding their position in search engines. GoogleRanking tool is one of the tools that checks the position of a site for a certain keyword in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Some of the tools are free but some are paid too. Other useful SEO tools are WebCeo and IBP. These tools help you saving hours for you that you can put in some other money generating stuff like writing some articles, creating blogs or whatever you want.


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